Incabox XT

Panel mounting enclosures for electronic products according to IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700)



The panel mounting INCABOX XT enclosure, according to IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700), can be easily assembled thanks to its snap-lock mechanism. No need to use any fixing screws. All the INCABOX XT components (front panel, rear panel and fastening elements) are made of plastic material (metal fastening elements are even available) and this enables the insulation of the internal circuits. The enclosure is kept in the correct position on the panel by the fastening elements after the enclosure is assembled.

For the aesthetics making the most of the content, both the aesthetic level and the product quality should be kept in the same consideration because Customers are valuing more and more the product quality according to its aesthetics. A high quality product with an old look has not the same success as a product of the same quality but with a more attractive look. Italtronic wants to give its Customers the possibility to be different in the market realizing products both with good quality and an exclusive aesthetics. INCABOX XT has been designed to give the Customer the opportunity to have a customised front module whilst minimising the expense. It is possible to assemble, on the same body enclosure, different front modules obtaining different looks without modifying the hardware. The standard version of INCABOX XT is supplied with a completely closed front module. The first step to customising starts from the machining of the standard front module. Italtronic offers front modules machined according to the Customer’s design. This is the fastest way to obtain a new product avoiding investments when the quantities are lower. When quantities increase, Italtronic offers at contained costs, the possibility to modify the front part of the product, outside frame included, with an aesthetics which becomes the Customer’s exclusive look. Such investment may be quickly recovered avoiding the mechanical machining processes which will not be necessary any more. See product page to get technical informations.

Material PPO and PC/ABS (front module)
Class UL94 V0
Colour Black (9005), Dark gray (7021)
Sizes 36.72, 72.72, 48.48, 48.96, 96.96 special sizes on request (L)
Operating temperature -40°C + 80°C (based on the power dissipated)